Sculptures 2014-2015
The positive elements within my work are just as important as the negative ones. My heavy, robust forms yearn for that that layer of mark making and decoration. It acts as a cloak, as armor, as a mask… but it also acts as that strand of security. Both for the dark and light elements happening—these forms, just as humans, want to be appreciated. I am insecure which in return makes my sculptures insecure. I build forms that I feel connected to or that I believe in … only to quickly shift into doubt and hesitation on how others will perceive them.

This is where surface comes in as a way to mask the moments on the form that I am not comfortable with in their ‘naked’ or exposed state. Surface decoration works as both to distract and draw one in so that they may understand and appreciate the layer of beauty before revealing the negative aspects created within the form such as ones folds of flesh or unflattering angles. Although I believe the decorative elements of mark making, glazing, decals, and lusters are ways to hide the insecurities- they are still visible. My forms are the reflection and response of trying to balance the positive and negative emotions and build an acceptance for both.